Academic Policies & Grading

Credits and Grades

All students must carry a minimum of 5.75 credits. Students should carry more than 6 credits to take full advantage of the curriculum. Students, who pass a course with a “C” or “D” and want to improve their skills, have the option of retaking the class. The two grades will be averaged to calculate the final grade.  


Grading Key:

A             100-93

B             92-83

C             82-73

D             72-63

F              62 & below

A point system will be used to determine semester and final grades.

Midterm and Final exams will be given to all students in grades 6-12.

Students who do not have their fees paid in full, may be denied access to the Parent Grade Viewer in Progress Book, and may have their report card withheld until fees are paid.

Honor/Merit Roll

At the end of each nine weeks grading period students with a GPA:

3.5 or better will qualify for the HONOR ROLL.

3.2 to 3.49 will qualify for the MERIT ROLL.

An improvement of 0.5 from previous 9 wk. will qualify students for VIP recognition.

Students will not receive honor or merit roll if any grade is an “F”.    

Cardinal Time

This is a time that is built-in for all students to have access to intervention, academic assistance, enrichment opportunities, and assemblies.

Response to Intervention (RTI) Support As part of district-wide efforts to improve student achievement, every effort is made to ensure that students are making adequate progress towards their learning objectives. In order to meet that goal, 9th Grade students are identified who have not met expected levels of achievement in reading or math. These students will be provided additional support and intervention based on their individual needs, referred to as Response to Intervention (RTI).   To better meet the needs of these identified students, an RTI Support class will be assigned, which will count as elective intervention credit. These students will receive small group instruction and intervention, as well as frequent progress-monitoring.

Summer School A student may not take for credit any subject in summer school unless he/she has previously taken the course or is behind in credits toward graduation. (The only exception to this rule is physical education.) Under extenuating circumstances permission to take a course may be granted by administration.  

Failures     Two passing grades the second semester are required to pass a year course. Two passing grades are required to pass a semester course.  

Academic Recognition of Top Ten Students To be honored at graduation as a Top Ten student, a student MUST be enrolled at Sandy Valley at the beginning of their junior year of high school. Academic rank and honors, such as valedictorian and salutatorian, are determined solely by high school GPA at the end of the 3rd nine weeks of the senior year. Only AP courses offered at Sandy Valley will be accepted from other schools on a 5 pt. scale. For example, if an AP German course is not offered at SV-a 4 pt. scale will be used for transfer students rather than a 5 pt. scale. This practice makes it fair for calculation of GPA/Valedictorian status for SV students, since the SV student did not have this AP opportunity. Only AP A’s & B’s will be on a 5-point scale. We do not weight honor classes from other schools.

Auditing a Class A class taken as an “audit” appears on the students’ transcript showing no grade or credit. Students must request and receive administrative approval to audit a class.   Contact school counselors for requirements and deadlines.

Credit Flexibility

Description: Ohio’s plan for Credit Flexibility is designed to broaden the scope of a student’s curricular options, increase the depth of possible study for a particular subject, and allow tailoring of “learning time and/or conditions.” Contact the school counselor’s office for further information regarding the Credit Flexibility options. Deadline to apply for Credit Flexibility is March 17, 2015.

Class/Schedule Changes

Once students make out their schedules, they are expected to follow through with all selected and assigned classes. Schedule changes are only permitted where special problems occur. Teachers must first agree to a class being dropped by a student and the only reason a student may go from a regular class to a digital version is because they have a conflict in their schedule. All necessary schedule changes must be made during the first five (5) days of the school year. Changes requested after the first five (5) days but within the first ten (10) days of the school year require a conference with a school counselor or principal approval.   Second semester changes must be made during the first five (5) days of class. After such time, students will receive a Withdrawn Failing (WF) and the course will be counted as a failure when calculating their total grade point average. Students are required to maintain a minimum of 5.75 credits each grading period throughout the school year. Dual credit courses may have more restrictive drop policies according to the schedule of the college.   Exceptions may be:

a. Changing from one major course of study to another is open for discussion (i.e. academic to vocational).

b. Students involved in Special Education programs.

c. Extenuating circumstances by administrative approval.

Students dropped from courses as a result of disciplinary action and/or insufficient attendance will not receive credit for the course. Grade reports will be marked as Withdrawn Failing (WF).   Course fees will not be refunded as a result of removal from class for disciplinary reasons. Students dropping class within the first ten or five day limit will be charged for material and supplies used.


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