ALL JUNIORS WILL TAKE THE ACT FREE OF CHARGE IN SPRING 2017. One of the paths to graduation considers ACT scores. Therefore, the State of Ohio will be paying for all Juniors to take the test one time free of charge during the school day in the 2016 – 2017 school year. This assessment will NOT include the optional writing assessment. More information will be available as the date approaches.

Click image to Register for the ACT  –  Sandy Valley School Code: 363145

Students who are planning on going to college are encouraged to take the ACT at least once, if not twice. It is common for college-bound students to take the ACT once at the end of their Junior year and again in the Fall of their Senior year to try to improve their score.



FREE ACT/SAT Practice Tests!


ACT Tutoring
ACT tutoring available. Now taking new students!
All tutors are scholar students scored 31 or above on ACT, Several raised their score 6 points from their first test. Learn real strategies to move test scores immediately!


Our team is currently composed of friendly and outgoing Honors College Students all graduated with High Honors and are fabulous young adults helping others succeed.

Spots are limited- We fill up quickly.
$25.00 per hr. 330 – 595 – 7795


Click the image for additional information and dates for the SAT.

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