College Credit Plus

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Interested in earning FREE college credit while in high school? Plan on attending College Options Night on February 9, 2017 at 6:00 in the Performance Arts Hall. It is strongly recommended that a parent attends with their student. Representatives from area colleges will also be in attendance to discuss their opportunities for HS students.

Did you miss College Options Night? This presentation should be reviewed to understand your options: college_options17-18.ppt

The application process and paperwork must be completed and turned in prior to April 3, 2017 for participation during the 2017 – 2018 school year. All necessary paperwork that has been passed out to students is available here: Red Folder CCP Paperwork


Our Intent form is now a Google Form- it can be accessed here: IntentForm. **This must be completed prior to April 3 for participation in CCP classes for the following school year. A NEW INTENT FORM MUST BE SUBMITTED EVERY YEAR EVEN IF THE STUDENT HAS PREVIOUSLY TAKEN DUAL CREDIT / CCP CLASSES.

The chart below lists proposed CCP courses available at Sandy Valley during the school day for the 2017-2018 school year (subject to change):




DISCLAIMER: Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code 3365.09(A), a district may seek reimbursement from a student or parent if the student fails to obtain a passing final grade.Current interpretation of this statute shall allow, but not require, a school district or nonpublic school as appropriate to seek reimbursement under the following two circumstances: 1) If the student receives a failing grade at the end of the college course; or 2) If the student withdraws from or drops the college course subsequent to the 14th calendar day after the particular course began. Pursuant to Section 3365.09(C), neither a school district nor a nonpublic school shall seek reimbursement if the student is identified as being economically disadvantaged in accordance with Ohio Administrative Code 3333-1-65.6(B)(2). – find out how CCP credits are transferred / accepted at the college of your choice!

Attention, Perry CTE Students! Here is the form and information for applying for Perry CCP courses. Here is the Stark State FERPA form that goes with the packet. All testing and forms are due to Perry  by March 10!