Course Guide and Registration

Schedule Change Requests for 2017-2018 School Year

Please be advised that schedule changes can only be made in limited circumstances (due to errors, assigned to classes you did not request, etc.).

The only changes that will be honored from this point on are those that involve an error to your schedule or a teacher/counselor/principal recommendation.

High School Course Registration Guide 2017-2018

High School Master Schedule 2017-2018

Middle School Master Schedule 2017-2018


*All students received a course review sheet in class meetings- extra copies are available in the counseling office.

* Current year teachers will recommend placement into appropriate core classes. 

* Please review the available classes with your family to select classes.

* Each student will meet with a counselor beginning the week of February 16th to discuss class placement and selecting electives. After this meeting, the student will be given a scheduling card with their chosen courses and teacher recommendations indicated. This card should be returned back to the counseling office by March 1- it should be signed by a parent.

PLEASE NOTE: CLASS CHANGE POLICY HAS CHANGED                                            Considerable time and effort goes into creating a master schedule and determining staffing levels based on student requests. Therefore, it is crucial that students and their parents put thought into selecting courses that they are truly interested in and are committed to taking. Schedule changes are very disruptive to the learning process and will NOT be made next year except in extreme circumstances, i.e. scheduling error, blank spot in schedule, pre-req not met, etc. What a student selects when meeting with a counselor is what the student is expected to take- please talk to teachers and read course descriptions to make an informed decision.

Registration Info  Presentation

Advanced Placement (AP) Course Registration Form


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