Graduation & Honors Diploma Requirements

Course Requirements

All students are required to earn 21 credits in grades 9-12 for graduation.
Specific credits required are:
1. English 4 credits
3. Mathematics 4 credits
4. Physical Education 1/2 credit (or PE waiver)
5. Science 3 credits(Physical, Biology,
Advanced Science)
6. Social Studies
a. World History 1 credit
b. American History 1 credit
c. Gov/Econ 1 credit – (Financial Literacy)
7. Electives 6 credits (6.5 with waiver)
a. Business Foundations 1/2 credit
b. Fine Arts  – 2 semesters (Taken between 7th and 12th grades)

The elective credits must include the following:
One or any combination of foreign language, fine arts, business, career-technical education, family and consumer sciences, technology, agricultural education or English language arts, mathematics, science or social studies courses not otherwise required.

Students following a career tech pathway are exempted from the fine arts requirement.

Ohio Graduation Test and AIR Exams (Through Class of 2017)
Beginning in their Sophomore year, students will need to take and pass all five sections of the Ohio Graduation Test: Reading, Math, Writing, Science, and Social Studies. Students who fail a section will have additional opportunities to take and pass all sections. Students must pass all sections to earn a high school diploma and to be able to walk in the graduation ceremony.

In addition, students are required to take Performance Based Assessments and End of Course Exams for American History and American Government.

An Alternative Way to meet OGT testing requirements is: (must meet ALL OF THE FOLLOWING)
• Pass 4 of 5 tests and has missed passing 5th test by no more than 10 points;
• Has met 97% attendance rate, excluding excused absence, through 4 yrs. of HS AND not have had an expulsion
• Has at least 2.5 GPA in courses of area not passed.
• Has completed HS requirements,
• Has participated in any intervention programs offered by the school and must have had a 97% attendance rate in any programs offered outside the normal school day and
• Has letters recommending graduation from the HS principal and from each HS teacher in the subject area not passed.


PARCC/AIR Performance Based Assessments and End of Course Exams (Class of 2018 and Beyond)
Students are required to take PARCC/AIR exams (or their Advanced Placement equivalent) in English I, English II, Algebra I, Geometry, Physical Science OR Biology, American History, and American Government


Earn a College & Career Ready Score on a College Admission Test
The college admission test and required cut scores will be determined by the State Board in Spring 2015.

Work Readiness and Earn Industry Credential
Students following this pathway to graduation will need to earn an ODE-approved industry credential and pass the required score on the ACT WorkKeys assessment.

Earn the Required Total Points on High School End of Course Exams
Students following the Exam Points pathway to graduation will need to earn 18 points on the following 7 tests (or their Advanced Placement test equivalent): English I, English II, Algebra I, Geometry, Physical Science OR Biology, American History, and US Government. Each test is worth 5 points.


Requirements for an Honors Diploma

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